Inspire me: fruit trend


In summer fruit is a trend…not only to eat or to drink! Maybe it’s because fashionistas are so into the latest healthiest trends, but actyally the fashion industry has discovere the charming power of lemons, strawberries, oranges and cherries, making them the coolest detail on their clothes and accessories.



Prints are always fashionable in spring summer. But if you’re bored by florals, you can start following one of the hypest trend of the season: fruit prints! They’re perfect this time of the year: fresh, colourful and fun, they’ll give that healthy glow on our outfits!


Which are the most successful fruit prints? Looking at the latest streetstyle trends, the most loved “flavours” are cherries and lemons. Undoubtedly, it’s for their beautiful colours, red and yellow, that are among the most fashionable colours in spring summer 2018.





Wearing fruit prints, this season, has never been so easy. Easy-breezy dresses, spaghetti straps tops, fresh shorts… you have plenty of choice to style this trend in your own style. Let’s fall in love with artsy motifs, but also with more minimal prints. We bet you’ll become fashion fruit addicted!



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