My Top 3 Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks


Let’s get right to it. This is THE Holy Grail of matte liquid lipsticks, many come very close but nobody does it quite like Anastasia Beverly Hills. I know it’s not a secret but let me tell you why I’m a HUGE fan.

Why I Love it?

It applies as smoothly as a regular lipstick and dries on instantly to form a very velvety layer of perfectly matte pigmented color. No liquid lipstick strikes the perfect balance of creamy and long lasting and most importantly non-drying like this does. I’m also very happy about the fact that it’s not a watery formula, because it looks way more natural on the lips in comparison to the stain-like liquid formulas you find elsewhere.

How it Sets?

If there was an MVP of liquid lipsticks this would be it. There’s something about the way it sets, in a very feathery, even fluffy way, that even makes my lips appear instantly voluminous.
Like any liquid lipstick, the more you stack up on formula, the darker the color looks, so to stay true on color, swipe one layer. Another way I like to apply, is to dot lightly on lips and spread around with my index finger for a more natural look. And although it dries on instantly, you can still adjust it unlike other liquid lip stains which could leave you looking like an absolute mess if you poked at them with a cotton bud.

Anastasia Beverly Hills lasts even after a meal, with drinks and all, with no transfer. It didn’t make my lips feel flaky or super dry even after hours of wear. It’s just feels comfortable and lightweight. It could feel powdery after say 4 hours, so just a little touch up is all you need.

My Favorite Must-have Shades

I chose three best sellers which are sold out most of the time, Dolce, Naked and Crush. They range from nude to pink nudes. Dolce is a muted coral, which works perfectly for summer, very doll-like and one of those shades that makes you feel real pretty.

Crush is a soft beige, or nude, with a rose undertone and Naked reminds me of something Kim Kardashian would wear, a very light nude, that can be a little too pale at times, but with the right makeup, it works.

They are sadly, not available officially in Lebanon, although a couple of Instagram accounts with online shops are promoting them, I would much rather buy them from an official seller like Sephora, usually abroad. You can follow Anastasia Beverly Hills here on Instagram.

Which is your fave shade?


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